Innovative new connectors aim to improve safety at sea for Royal Canadian Navy

SNAP Innovations Inc. of Halifax, Nova Scotia is delighted to announce a contract award from Innovative Solutions Canada (ISC) on behalf of the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN).

SEA-SnapTM and TALONTM connectors will be distributed across multiple RCN testing locations on both Canadian coasts, including with Naval Fleet School dive teams. Once distributed and in the hands of sailors, the devices will be put through their paces as the RCN’s Innovation team explore ways to improve the execution of varied challenging tasks in extreme maritime conditions.

SEA-Snap and TALON are handheld connectors designed for high-load dynamic situations at sea, on land, and in the air. SNAP Innovations came up with these innovative designs after identifying areas for improvement in carabiners, marine shackles and snap-hooks. The team set about designing a high load connector that could be used with only one hand in the harshest of environments. Connector kits will be provided with a series of accessories to enable sailors in training to experience a modern, straightforward connector in a variety of situations and loading conditions. TALON is a light-weight aluminum connector with a load rating of 250kg (550lbs). SEA-Snap will be provided in 4 sizes (200kg, 800kg, 1500kg and 2500kg). Each provided kit will also provide a series of accessories to ensure that a wide variety of testing configurations can explored.

SNAP Innovations is a spin-off of Halifax’s Enginuity, a harsh-environment engineering specialist with experience in marine operations, oil and gas, and military solutions.

SNAP Innovations President, Ben Garvey said the company began looking into lifting connector technology while observing the working practices at large oil and gas installations in the Gulf of Mexico.

“After observing these installations we thought that we could do better. SEA-Snap and TALON are the fruits of countless hours of testing, prototyping and redesign to make sure that functionality is flawless. If it snaps, it’s secure,” said Garvey.

The contract was issued on October 19th and the connector kits will be delivered within four months with rounds of testing and design feedback scheduled throughout the remainder of the year - deliberately across all weather and seasons.

The connection between the RCN and SNAP Innovations came about through the ISC’s Testing Stream program.

“Programs like the ISC Testing Stream are invaluable to both business and government, fasttracking the best innovation while unlocking new approaches to solving problems” said Alastair Trower, Enginuity’s Director of Business Development.

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