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Innovation-Driven Team
Snap Innovations History

Snap Innovations Inc. was founded in 2020 by a group of like-minded innovators focused on solving real challenges and developing innovative products.

Our team brings together an expert group of engineers, innovators and product development specialists with a variety of backgrounds including sailing, marine engineering, sport product development, hunting and fishing.  The team came together to establish Snap Innovations to develop new and innovative products for problems they faced in their work.  The focus at the beginning was to develop quick-connectors with superior strength that could work in harsh environments with just one hand.  Putting our teams engineering capabilities to work...our first versions of SeaSnap came to life.

By testing different materials, configurations and designs...the SeaSnap emerged with a simple push-to-connect design and a easy squeeze release.  These products are like no other in the industry and our approach of continual improvements in our designs and innovations are leading to new and innovative products to add to our lineup.

Our focus is on launching new ideas and innovations and creating products to help improve the lives and work in the marine and sports and outdoors markets.

Our Team

Dianne Russell

Ben Garvey, P.Eng


Eleanor Pena

Doug Jones

VP Marketing

Theresa Webb

Alastair Trower

Director - Business Development

Bessie Cooper

Jean-Marc Guindon, P.Eng

Director of Engineering

Bessie Cooper

David Bethune

Financial Controller

Bessie Cooper

Dylan MacDonald

Product Support Engineer