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Combine strength, speed and performance on your next adventure.

The TALON combines strength, speed, tactical advantage and performance for any adventure. Secure to any object with one hand without having to tie complex knots. Simply push to connect and secure up to 200kg or 550lbs of weight and detach by simply squeezing the sides. Ideal for hunting, fishing, backpacking or securing any load on your truck or ATV…Talon does it all.

TALON uses a high-performance corrosion-resistant anodized aluminum design for superior strength-to-weight ratio. Perfect for any adventure where weight and performance matter.

The lightweight design and superior strength of the TALON allows you to take it anywhere for any task. Secure your kayak or boat, use as a harness while hunting, suspend and field-dress game, fasten an emergency shelter or secure a heavy load. TALON will perform when you need it.

  • One-Handed release. Patented one-handed release design allows you to secure quickly with a simple push and release by squeezing the sides.
  • High Strength-to-Weight Ratio. The lightweight design packs a punch with a weight rating up to 200kg or 550lbs.
  • Secure Grip. Once secured, the TALON won’t let go.  The unique design grabs and holds on until you squeeze the sides to release.
  • Durable Construction. Anodized Aluminum design gives strength and corrosion resistance.
  • Replaceable connector end allows you to connect webbing straps and available accessories.
  • Ideal for boating, backpacking, hunting & fishing, camping and utility applications.

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Why choose TALON?


Combine strength, speed and performance on your next adventure.  Secure to any object with only one hand without having to tie a knot.  Push and secure up to 200KG of weight and detach with a simple squeeze.  Hunting, fishing, backpacking or just securing to your truck or ATV... TALON does it all.

Ultimate strength & performance


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