Soft Shackle, 10mm

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The more you look around your boat, the more uses you’ll find for the 10mm Soft Shackle. A soft shackle can handle just about every function performed by a metal shackle, in many cases better.
Soft shackles articulate better, don’t rattle around when not under load, don’t chew up toerails or beat up masts and decks, don’t hurt when they whack you on the head, are easier to undo and don’t have pins that fall overboard at a critical moment.

For use with SEA-Snap 2500

Technical specification:
  • size: 10mm x 150mm
  • Color: Yellow
  • Break Strength: 12,000 kg (26,400 lb)

Why choose TALON?


Combine strength, speed and performance on your next adventure.  Secure to any object with only one hand without having to tie a knot.  Push and secure up to 200KG of weight and detach with a simple squeeze.  Hunting, fishing, backpacking or just securing to your truck or ATV... TALON does it all.

Ultimate strength & performance


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