SEA-Snap 1500KG

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Introducing the SEA-Snap family of unique and practical marine ‘quick connectors’.

Use your SEA-Snap in any connection situation where it might fit (while respecting the working load limit). There are 4 standard sizes available, typically for use in the marine environment.

Every SEA-Snap, regardless of size, is designed using high-strength 17-4 stainless steel components for load bearing members, corrosion-resistant rivets for assembly, and tough, plastic outer shells for comfort, durability and ease of handling.

The SEA-Snap 1500 kicks it up a notch to handle common commercial work-boat handling and lifting tasks. With a larger mouth and higher load rating (1500 kg), it will handle most tethering, lifting and securing roles with ease.

Examples of use include:
  • large dinghy or FRC and work-boat lifting bridles,
  • cargo handling and securing,
  • ROV and equipment recovery,
  • buoy tethering,
  • lifting or mooring,
  • salvage and towing operations, and
  • any other use where a rapid and secure connection in a marine environment is required; up to 1500 kg.

Comes with a secondary locking pin for ensuring the connection is secure over the long term or in an especially dynamic environment.

SEA-Snap is easier to use than conventional carabiners, snap-hooks and shackles, operation is simple, your load is secure.

  • Snap fit, instant-grab connection
  • One handed, gloved hand disconnection
  • Integrated locking pin, keeps connection secure

Designed with a 4:1 safety factor, SEA-Snap instantly takes hold and will not release under load. For highly dynamic or long-term connections SEA-Snap has an integrated locking pin to ensure accidental disconnection does not occur. Disconnection is a simple one-handed operation, making SEA-Snap an obvious choice for diver and back-deck operations.

Suggested accessories (not included):
  • Petersen Bow Shackle P/N PHB015TB

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