SEA-Snap 200KG

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Introducing the SEA-Snap family of unique and practical marine ‘quick connectors’.

Use your SEA-Snap in any connection situation where it might fit (while respecting the working load limit). There are 4 standard sizes available, typically for use in the marine environment.

Every SEA-Snap, regardless of size, is designed using high-strength 17-4 stainless steel components for load bearing members, corrosion-resistant rivets for assembly, and tough, plastic outer shells for comfort, durability and ease of handling.

The SEA-Snap 200 is our smallest unit, great for general tethering and fastening use for all light loads and devices.

Examples of use include:
  • dinghy painters,
  • small boat sail control lines,
  • as part of smaller dinghy lift bridles,
  • outboard motor lifting tackles,
  • small boat mooring attachments,
  • buoy connections,
  • gear tie-downs and
  • all general light-load securing and lifting up to 200 kg.
Suggested accessories (not included):
  • Petersen Bow Shackle P/N B05TB

Why choose TALON?


Combine strength, speed and performance on your next adventure.  Secure to any object with only one hand without having to tie a knot.  Push and secure up to 200KG of weight and detach with a simple squeeze.  Hunting, fishing, backpacking or just securing to your truck or ATV... TALON does it all.

Ultimate strength & performance


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Rugged design

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